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The coordinator of the Monumental Nativity Scene is a key figure in the process. They are responsible for the general design and the planning of the different procedures and the material, human, technical and other resources required to complete the display.

They establish the working calendar and assign responsibilities to the so-called «engineers», allowing them to work independently but in coordination.

The general design comes from a consensus reached by the main coordinators each year, raising new technical challenges in each of the different settings and structures, focused on how to fit them in to the urban landscape so as to ensure the safety of all visitors.

Plans, outlines, elevations and sketches are drawn up by the main and assistant coordinators, before construction and subsequent assembly begins.

The very first coordinator was Mariano Pardito, who performed this role for 11 editions, between 1997 and 2008. Mariano, surrounded by his «engineers», who established the basic principles of this life-size Nativity Scene. The design of the different figures and areas drew on the experience of the local artist and his collaborators.

Since the 2009 edition, Carlos Contreras has been in charge of coordination, adding new features and designs to the staging of the Nativity Scene.

Carlos Contreras. Coordinator of the Monumental Nativity Scene
Carlos Contreras. Coordinator of the Monumental Nativity Scene

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